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A Centre For Alternative Therapy

We deal with all kinds of psychological, physical and emotional problems and also provide counseling session for personal emotion problem like feel sad, frustrated, anxious, cannot concentrate on work and study, relationship problem with family and friend, feel problem to choose career and job and many more problems...... and teach how to train you...


We deal with all kinds of psychological, physical and emotional problems.

Mental Health

Deals with Psychological, Physical & Emotional Problems, Provide Counseling Session for Sadness, Anxiety, Frustrated etc., Nightmares/Bad Dreams, Psychotherapy Adult, Adolescent Problems

Child Related Problem

Memory Power, Lack of Concentration, Other Learning Difficulties, Hyperactive, Aggressiveness, Adjustment Problems & other social Problems, Mental and Physically Challenged Cases

Relationship Counseling

Emotional Overcome, Child - Parent Relationship Problem, Marriage Life & Family Problems

Career Counseling

Your Personality, Behaviour, IQ Level & Decision Making Power to choose the right career, Job - Business - Future Paths

Phobia & Fear

Examination Fear, Fear of Interview, Stage & Public Speaking Fear, Fear of Water, Afraid of Heights and other Phobia

Hypno Therapy

Insomnia, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Concentration, Tension, Anxiety, Irritability, Depression, Abstain from Frustration and Treatment of chronic pain

Pranic Healing

(Energy Power Treatment) Chakra Balancing, The Solution of Physical, Mental & Emotional problems through Aura Cleaning


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